For Employees


We offer claims management services on behalf of employees. Whether it’s five minutes advice over the telephone, checking over an employment contract or representation in an employment tribunal claim, your matter will be dealt with throughout by one of our experienced specialist lawyers. You will have direct access to the lawyer dealing with your case and your matter will not be passed on to juniors. Approachability and detailed care and attention to each client’s issue or case is inherent in the way we work. We can usually provide our service without the need for you to travel to our offices by making use of telephone, e-mail, fax and, where required, telephone and video conferencing (Skype). However, we are also more than happy to meet with you face-to-face if you would prefer this.

We provide clients with a clear step-by-step advised course of action, rather than merely quoting the stated law and leaving you to interpret this and design your own course of action. We are confident doing this, no matter how complicated or uncertain the legal context might be.


  • Unfair and Constructive Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Discrimination of all kinds, including sex, disability, race, age, religious or belief
  • Statutory rights such as maternity rights and holidays
  • Pay, bonuses and other benefits
  • Executive Severance
  • Bullying, harassment and victimisation
  • Varying terms and conditions
  • TUPE
  • Retirement
  • Grievances
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Whistleblowing

Our service is flexible in order to meet clients’ requirements and includes:

  • Telephone advice and guidance
  • Compromise Agreements
  • An opinion on the strength of your case
  • Employment tribunal representation
  • Negotiating severance terms
  • Checking over an employment contract or service agreement
  • Accompaniment at disciplinary hearings
  • Assistance with a grievance or appeal

The majority of company directors fall within the definition of an employee and therefore have the same rights as any other employee. This is regardless of whether they have a ‘service agreement’ or a contract of employment.

If you are self-employed and are having problems with your contractor, it is still possible that you have all the rights that an employee has or that you have some of these rights. Failing that if, for example, you have had a contract cancelled or are having difficulties being paid, we can still assist you in a breach of contract or debt recovery matter.

Due to our innovative set up, facilitated by good use of technology, our overhead costs are very low enabling us to offer rates which are approximately half those of many conventional firms.

Before we commence work we provide an estimate of what the total cost will be. We usually charge for our services at an hourly rate. We will only bill clients for the time we actually spend and we do not operate a minimum unit system of, for example, twenty minutes.  Accordingly, for instance, if we give five minutes of advice over the telephone, as part of an ongoing matter, we will bill for five minutes and not twenty minutes.

Many employees are covered for our fees without even realising it. A lot of everyday insurance policies or accounts provide (tucked away in the small print) legal expenses cover for numerous types of legal disputes, including employment disputes. We take on insured cases through direct arrangements with insurance companies, which means that the insurance company pays our fees directly thereby avoiding you having the responsibility of paying our fees and then claiming them back. Some of the ways in which employees could be covered include:

  • insurance policies, including those of family members, such as household, contents, buildings, motor, life, loss of earnings or direct legal expenses insurance policies;
  • mortgage policies, including those of partners;
  • credit card agreements, including those of partners;
  • the benefits of any professional body of which they are a member;
  • the benefits that are included with some types of current bank accounts.

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Our Ethos

Our ethos is that we prefer to take on a smaller workload. This enables us to give more care and attention to our work, carrying out in-depth legal research when required from our extensive range of  leading legal resources. The result is that our service is enhanced by very high technical standards and a proactive contribution, and consequently better outcomes. We like to work this way, not only because of the benefits to the client but also because of the personal satisfaction it gives our lawyers of being able to become really involved in cases and produce work of an exceptional quality. This way of working improves our people as lawyers and, therefore, the level of our service.